Surface and heating technologies

We help OEMs and end clients in heating, surface and environmental technologies with turnkey industrial thermal processes.

Our thermal surface heating systems focus on enhancing and reinforcing material properties. We specialise in a variety of cleaning- and coating systems for the gas turbine, aerospace and tooling industry.


Cleaning Furnaces

Electron's cleaning systems used for hot-section gas turbine superalloy components.


Coating Systems

Versatile and flexible coatings for optimised component durability and extra protection against oxidation and corrosion.


Processes and services

Integral process know how and technology transfer for surface treatment solutions.

High-quality materials, components and integral heating systems that contribute to more efficient industrial thermal processes. Our process heating systems guarantee high-quality finished products, optimised productivity and lower energy costs.


High Temperature Materials

Thermal ceramics, isolation materials and heat-resistent metals for high-temperature applications.


Heating Elements

Broad product portfolio of electrical heating elements for applications ranging from 50 to 1850 °C (120-3360 °F).


Electric Heating Systems

Custom-made electrical heating solutions for a wide range of industrial processes.


Custom Ovens & Furnaces

Standard and custom heaters and furnaces for R&D, analysis, science and laboratories.

Thermal air pollution control systems for process gasses and (in)organic waste flows.


Air Pollution Control

Flexible, low-cost and custom installations for air pollution control via thermal oxidation.


Pyrolysis Technology

Installations for thermochemical processing of bio mass and other (in)organic waste.

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