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Surface Technologies

HF Ion Cleaning furnace

Electron’s hydrogen fluoride ion cleaning furnaces provide a safe and highly effective method for the removal of coatings and oxide from hot-section gas turbine components. the HFIC furnace has a modular design with a single workstation and a separate electrically heated bell furnace. The workstations can be expanded to increase production capacity or to add other processes.

Heating technologies

High temperature alloys & fabricated products

Thermal and thermochemical processes require special materials that are resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and/or oxidation. We help customers with the design and manufacture of high-quality parts made of stainless steel, nickel alloys and exotic materials. Material- and application knowledge combined with the craftsmanship and experience of our specialists. This results in better and stable process results and longer lifetimes. Meet Electron's solution.

Heating Technologies

Metallic Heating Elements

Heating is essential and can be demanded in many shapes and sizes. Standard or custom. Part of a product or of a process. In a very small space or a large one. 50 to 1500 degrees Celsius. Electron designs and manufactures standard and custom strip, meander, and spiral elements of resistance material. Single pieces, project-based or in large series.

Surface Technologies

Plasma Nitriding Systems

Plasma nitriding is an environmentally friendly and efficient nitriding process that uses plasma as an energy source. Due to the possibility of cleaning specific parts means of “sputtering”, and the repeatability of the process due to the excellent control technology, plasma nitriding offers the most consistent results of all nitriding processes. Plasma is the future for many thermochemical processes.

Heating Technologies

Heating Module

Our heating modules are designed for a wide range of thermal processing applications up to an element temperature of 1900°C (3452°F). Combining the best features of electrical heating and fibre or dense ceramic insulation, Electron's heating modules are suitable for the smallest laboratory furnaces and analysers to the largest production furnaces and stoves.

Heating Technologies


Cerafoam, a ceramic foam board, is an innovative, fibre-free, and lightweight insulation material with excellent thermal performance. Cerafoam is easy to machine, has high strength and high temperature resistance (up to 1,700°C) in combination with a low density, low thermal conductivity, and low permanent linear shrinkage. This makes the product extremely suitable as an insulation and construction material for high-temperature furnaces in, for example, dental, laboratory, ceramic, and industrial applications.

Our corporate philosophy

Enabling technologies

As an Enabling Technologies provider, Electron is always inventing and developing innovative, creative, and smart solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We do this through the unique combination of metal, heat, and process technology. With our materials, systems, machines and technologies, machine builders and end users in heating, surface and environmental technologies around the world can improve their processes and products.

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We design, produce, supply, and support all possible solutions with high temperature materials, heating elements, fan heaters, furnaces and thermal process installations and manufacture complex, high-quality finished stainless-steel products. We do this for a variety of leading laboratories, universities, and international quality companies in the industrial sector.

Please contact us for prototyping and for the production of single piece or series products. Additionally, we realize unique turnkey projects.

This is who we are

Electron is a Dutch family-owned business active in the manufacturing industry. Founded in 1988, the company has grown into a unique global player and market leader in heat, process and metal technology. With our innovative and creative solutions we are able to improve the processes and products of our customers in Heating, Surface and Environmental technologies. Our employees are always looking for the latest innovations to come up with smart solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Our products can be found all around the world

Our products and technologies are used by leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), laboratories, universities, and end users around the world.

That is why a good support network is extremely important. By using reliable partners on different continents, you are always assured of excellent service.