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HFIC Hydrogen Fluoride Ion Cleaning Furnaces

Electron offers a safe and highly effective method for cleaning hot-section gas turbine superalloy components. With our Hydrogen Fluoride Ion Cleaning HFIC ovens, parts and cracks in turbine parts can be completely cleaned, in order to prepare them for renovation.


Fluoride ion cleaning

With fluoride ion cleaning (FIC) we allow fluorine to react with the oxides that have formed on the surface and in the cracks of the turbine components.

The FIC process converts the oxides into fluorides and ensures effective cleaning. FIC is often the preparation for vacuum brazing and other repair processes.en.

Electron HFIC furnaces

For the supply of HFIC cleaning furnaces in combination with vacuum furnaces for diffusion brazing of hot-section gas turbine components, we work together with Schmetz Vacuum Furnaces.

The result is an integrated solution of the required equipment for successful implementation of high temperature vacuum diffusion brazing including HFIC cleaning.


Benefits of HFIC ion cleaning furnaces

Dynamic project management

Up-front functional design and project management of all essential and auxiliary systems such as process gas(es), electrical supply, ventilation systems, exhaust gas vents, emergency cooling water systems, wastewater systems and IT systems/communications.

Extremely safe

Full safety and process HAZOP analysis and implementation of all gas monitoring alarm systems and integration with main fire alarm systems where required.

Flexible reactor volume

HFIC reactor specifications can be customised to achieve the optimum volumetric production capacity of future vacuum furnace processing loads.

Optimal production efficiency

Implementing lean manufacturing principles for best practice operator ergonomics in developing and maximizing existing floor space.

Custom solution

Fully customized and customer-specific systems with integrated HFIC cleaning furnace, vacuum brazing furnace and a clean room for brazing application procedures.

HFIC furnace for superalloy cleaning

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MRO technology partner

Hydrogen Fluor Ion Cleaning is the second step of gas turbine overhaul in the process towards a component that perfectly matches all OEM’s requirements.
Besides HFIC systems, Electron also offers supplementary processing tasks such as chemical stripping and vacuum brazing for successful cleaning and repair of hot section turbine blades and vanes.

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Process development & tech transfers

Electron offers a full process technology transfer programme for specialized cleaning and coating of hot section gas turbine components.

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HF Ion Cleaning Furnaces for cleaning hot-section gas turbine superalloy components.

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