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Electrically heated air circulation ovens for verification of the chemical stripping process.

After the removal of protective coatings using chemical stripping solutions, a standardized procedural requirement can be performed to determine and check that all previously applied coating deposits have been fully removed before proceeding onwards to further repair processing steps. Heat Tint ovens are routinely used to determine full and successful coating removal after chemical stripping operations and may also be routinely used to establish full coating coverage on part aerofoil surfaces after the application of Aluminized or Chromized coatings. This procedure is further used  to provide visual evidence of surfaces which have a manufacturing or repair requirement for no coating areas to be present such as blade root serrations.


Accurate and automatic control and temperature recording function

Optimal and reliable results

Designed with associated and matching trolley loading systems

Range from 400°C to 900°C

Supplied with comprehensive safety systems

Complies with all European safety legislation

Ergonomically designed

Heat tint furnaces

Electrons Heat Tint furnaces are electrically heated with fan assisted air circulation systems ensuring accurate temperature control and reliable results. Heat Tint ovens are additionally designed with accompanying and matched trolly loading systems which enables prepared parts (after grit blast procedures) to be loaded into pre heated ovens at specified temperatures and ensuring optimum and reliable results. Loading trolleys further assist with the safe removal of hot parts from the oven and in greatly accelerating non value adding cool down periods.

Extensive range, lots of control

Dependent on the specified Heat Tint procedure, Electrons Heat Tint ovens will typically function within a range of 400°C to 900°C and with full automatic control & temperature recording functionality as may be additionally required by some OEM’s.

All of Electrons Heat Tint ovens are supplied with comprehensive safety systems and meeting with all European safety legislation requirements and are ergonomically designed for ease of operator use and easily facilitating all maintenance tasks.

Specialist knowledge and experience

Electron offers its customers complete capabilities with full system customizations from its manufacturing base in The Netherlands and with high quality Heat Tint oven systems available with enhanced levels of automation, minimal operator involvement and fully compliant with all industrially applicable AMS2750 Pyrometry processing standards as may be required.

Electrons established experience & knowledge base for all processes related to Heat Tinting procedures and specifically for gas turbine components, permits us to possess a unique understanding of the operational requirements in offering reliable and long term safe working environments for all operational personnel. This is reinforced by Electrons innovative designs and superior technologies and in serving to process materials in an environmentally acceptable manner and conforming to international standards.
Electrons equipment is manufactured to stringent safety criteria and with ease of operator use designed in at the drawing board stage and always delivered with long term operational reliability as standard.

Electrons ‘Turbine First Technologies’ attitude

At Electron we like to think differently and always with the customers viewpoint as a primary directive. As a provider of integrated  ‘Turbine First Technologies’ with a specific focus upon the gas turbine sectors, this permits us to have a unique and highly valuable perspective on the requirements for the design and manufacture of custom built systems and with additional process technologies offered as may also be requested by a customer. This level of equipment customization and process support is exceptional within this sector and contributes to the overall ‘value add’ proposition as uniquely available from Electron.

More information?

Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about any features of our Heat Tint ovens and processes and we would be pleased to discuss and explain our many value adding technologies within this specialist area. Please also consider that Electron is a provider of ‘Turbine First Technologies’ and which assures that all of our systems are custom built for this unique industry sector and are not multi purposed systems as may be offered by alternative vendors.

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