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Vacuum furnaces for heat treatment, soldering and sintering of ceramic and superalloy components.

Electron supplies specialist vacuum furnaces focused upon the gas turbine industry through its collaborative technology partner, SCHMETZ Vacuum furnaces of Germany. SCHMETZ is recognized as a premium Geraman manufacturer of high quality vacuum furnaces and which represents the perfect technical counterpart equipment for the follow on diffusion braze processes after the prerequisite processing by HFIC. 

Along with the requirements for high temperature diffusion brazing, vacuum furnaces are also widely used for many additional heat treatment processes such as Platinum plating diffusion and Aluminide coating diffusion heat treatment and with all of these processing units focused upon the gas turbine manufacturing & MRO sectors. Electron can offer various horizontal and vertical vacuum furnace configurations and we are pleased to advise you on the best solution for your particular application.

Typical Features

Load weight 50 - 5000 kg (gross)

Hot zone  > round or square

Horizontal or bottom loader designs available

All metal or graphite board insulation interiors

Ambient pressure process gas processing available for heat treatments

Vacuum processing in a range from 1 mbar to 1x10-6 mbar vacuum levels 

Max. temperatures ranges of 1350°C, 1500°C & 1600°C

Cooling pressure 0,9, <1,5 & with overpressure gas quench ranges of 6, 10, 13 bar or higher (abs.)

proces gas: nitrogen, argon, helium, etc.

Thermprocess Management System "TMS"

All systems supplied readily meeting with AMS2750 Pyrometry standards and compatible with all NADCAP requirements

Cold wall designs

All  vacuum furnaces offered are designed on the "cold-wall principle". The cylindrical outer casing is a horizontal construction (or bottom loading), double-walled and water-cooled. Thermal strain is hereby excluded as no measurable temperature will be transferred to the outside wall.

Maintenance friendly

Inside the casing the following components are typically located: hot zone, heat exchanger, high capacity radial fan with electric motor and the gas ducts. Outside the main casing are located the mechanical vacuum pumping system, vacuum diffusion pump, heating transformers and the switchboard & control cabinets are installed. This compact design guarantees low footprint space requirements and the layout can be adapted and customised to suit local facility requirements. All units are of maintenance friendly designs allowing  for easy access to all features and components of the furnace.

Multiple options

According to the application & process requirements of an individual customer, a furnace can be customised with appropriate vacuum systems, rectangular or round hot zone geometry as well as insulation made of graphite or molybdenum + stainless steel. An optional convection system optimises heating-up speed and uniformity.

Appropriate cooling gas pressure stages from 0,9 up to 13 bar (abs.) and higher realise intensive quenching speeds according to individual material requirements of component, material quality and load. Multi-direction cooling systems ensure best heat transfer parameters and minimising distortion during heat treatment cool down sequences.

The wide range of standard sizes offers a suitable furnace for your particular component and requested capacity.

More information?

Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about any features of our vacuum furnace equipment and we would be pleased to discuss and explain our many value adding technologies within this specialist area.

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