Heating Elements

Etched Foil Heating Elements


Kapton and silicone heaters made of etched foil. Thin, efficient, and extremely flexible in design.

Flexible heating elements offer almost limitless possibilities. These heating elements are made of etched foil, which provides great flexibility in design. The elements can be used, for example, in labelling machines and in kitchen appliances, such as kettles or toasters. At Electron you will find a wide range of flexible heating elements. So, there is always a type that meets your requirements.


Great flexibility in design and production

Different power density per square centimetre possible

Available in different types

For various applications such as mirror heating, LCD display and the semiconductor industry.


  • Superior heat transfer and uniform heat output. Fast warm up with long life cycle.
  • Max. power density: 0,6W/cm²
  • Max. temperature: +105°C
  • Mirror heaters · De-icing equipment · Hand grip heaters · Rear view mirrors · Battery heaters


  • Self-regulating, robust and corrosion resistant with PTC characteristics.
  • Max. power density: 0,3W/cm²
  • Max. temperature: +70°C
  • Rear view mirrors · Lens heaters · Waterbed heaters · Low temperature applications · De-icing


  • Low power, constant wattage with a large span of resistivity. Insensitive to small damages.
  • Max. power density: 0,1W/cm²
  • Max. temperature: +70°C
  • High voltage, small area applications · Waterbed heaters · IR targets · Floor heating


  • Thin and semi-transparent with excellent dielectric strength. Resistant to chemicals.
  • Max. power density: 1,3W/cm²
  • Max. temperature: +200°C
  • Military and aerospace · Medical diagnostic instrument · LCD displays · Lens heaters · Laboratory research


  • Excellent temperature properties. Can be vulcanized to metal parts.
  • Max. power density: 1,3W/cm²
  • Max. temperature: +230°C
  • Food service equipment · Medical respirators · Ultrasonic cleaners · Freeze protection and condensation prevention


  • High power density. Fast warm up and high working temperatures.
  • Max. power density: 5W/cm²
  • Max. temperature: +600°C
  • Food service appliances · Semiconductor industry · DNA analyse · Radiators/heating panels · Packing/strapping/sealing equipment


  • PEN is like PET but has higher chemical, thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties. More cost effective compared to polyimide.
  • Max. power density: 1W/cm²
  • Max. temperature: +160°C
  • Electronic devices · Radiators · DNA Analysis · High power standard elements


  • Very flexible, waterproof, and acid resistant with high mechanical strength.
  • Max. power density: 0,1W/cm²
  • Max. temperature: +70°C
  • Waterbed heaters · Water heaters · Military equipment · Slim blankets /Surgery beds

        Custom design

        The etched foil heating elements, from Electron are made based on customer specifications. This allows us to supply an element that perfectly matches with your requirements. For example, we can create elements with different power densities per square centimetre. If desired, the heating elements can be supplied with an adhesive layer. Please note that in this case the maximum working temperatures are lower than the temperatures mentioned above.

        Our method

        At Electron, we are pleased to discuss and explain our many value adding technologies and to think along with our customers. We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing custom electric heating elements and systems, furnace accessories and insulation materials. Our employees will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your application.

        Additional information?

        In addition to our etched foil heating elements, we offer a variety of other products. Would you like to know more about our heating elements or one of our other products or do you have another question? Please contact us.

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