Heating Elements

Industrial Tubular Elements


Versatile and economical solution for almost every conceivable heating application.

Electron manufactures tubular heating elements for various appliances such as electric water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines, water heaters, coffee makers, deep fryers, industrial baths, and oil filled radiators. The tubular elements that we supply are produced according to the latest techniques, have a high reliability and a long service life. We would be pleased to discuss and explain our many value adding technologies within this specialist area.


A variety of


  • sheath materials
  • fastening systems
  • diameters
  • lengths
  • voltage values


Almost any shape possible

We are specialists in many production techniques, giving you a wide choice of element types.


  • Mild steel - Grade D
  • Stainless steel - AISI 304, AISI 316L, UNS S31254, UNS N08904, Incoloy 800, Incoloy 825


  • Ø 6,5 mm
  • Ø 8,5 mm
  • Ø 14 mm
  • Ø 16 mm
  • Ø 18 mm
  • Ø 21 mm


  • Inserted heating element with flange
  • Inserted heating element with screw plug
  • Heating element with nipple
  • Immersion heater
  • Cast element for contact installation


  • Direct connection for installation in equipment
  • M4, M6, flat pin, spot welded cable, Ø 2.5 mm pin.
  • Terminal box with/without temperature regulating device


  • One, two or three wattage ratings/elements
  • Connection at one end or two
  • According to customer specifications
  • Standard range Can be manufactured with UL, VDE approval

        Our method

        At Electron, we are pleased to discuss and explain our many value adding technologies and to think along with our customers. We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing custom electric heating elements and systems, furnace accessories and insulation materials. Our employees will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your application.

        Additional information?

        In addition to our tubular heating elements, we offer a variety of other products. Would you like to know more about our heating elements or one of our other products or do you have another question? Please contact us.

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