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Electron Cerafoam®


Electron's innovative, fibre-free high-temperature insulation.

Cerafoam®, ceramic foam board, is an innovative FIBER FREE, light weight, high temperature insulation with an excellent thermal performance. Cerafoam® has a high strength and high temperature resistance (up to 1.700 °C) in combination with a low density, low thermal conductivity and low permanent linear shrinkage. This makes the product extremely suitable for high temperature kiln and oven insulation in for example dental, laboratory, ceramic and industrial areas.


Fibre-free and binder-free: no emission of harmful dust particles or vapours and no pulverization during use.

Cerafoam has a low thermal mass and is energy efficient and therefore highly environmentally friendly

Lightweight and low density, therefore easy to install in (existing) oven liners.

Stronger than ceramic fibres, mullite fibres, aluminum oxide fibres and lightweight refractory bricks.

Excellent insulation properties due to its low thermal conductivity and low permanent linear shrinkage.

Self-supporting and easy to machine with CNC machining equipment.

Safe and fast maintenance: lower installation and maintenance costs and long service life.

Application at high temperature up to 1700°C in air and in special atmospheres: H2, O2, CO2.

Due to its high purity, high strength and great stability, Cerafoam® has an excellent erosion resistance capability resulting in a long life time compared to vacuum formed fibre board products. The low density, low thermal conductivity and low shrinkage of the product leads to less quantities of insulation material and layers resulting in cost savings and energy efficiency. The high strength of Cerafoam® in combination with its low density makes easy handling and machining by CNC possible..

Cerafoam combines the advantages of both lightweight refractory bricks and fibre products. The ceramic foam board has the strength of refractory brick, but the low thermal conductivity of polycrystalline mullite fibre board. Cerafoam is therefore the best alternative in relation to ceramic aluminosilicate fibres, polycrystalline mullite and aluminum oxide fibres, refractory bricks, and other high temperature insulation. The excellent performance of Cerafoam® makes the product suitable for a wide range of application areas where high temperature, specific atmospheres and chemical circumstances are critical factors. Examples are ceramic, laboratory, dental, glass and aluminum industry.

Electron offers various types of Cerafoam Boards for High Temperature Furnace Insulation, namely: CF2300, CF2600, CF2800, CF3000, CF3100 and CF998. Each type has its specific characteristics, please see the relevant datasheet.

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