Air Pollution Control

Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer DFTO


Flexible and low-cost thermal oxidation of hazardous process gases.

A direct-fired oxidizer (DFTO) is the simplest technology of thermal oxidation. A process stream is introduced into a firing box through or near the gas burner and enough residence time is provided to get the desired destruction removal efficiency of the hazardous pollutants.


Reliable and trouble-free operation.

Lightweight thermal insulation package.

Long service life.

Quick start-up

Large turn-down ratio.

High destruction efficiency.

Low investment.

High running costs.

The chemical process of thermal oxidation is quite simple. The temperature of the exhaust stream is raised to a temperature between 1,250 and 1,800°F. At this temperature, the chemical bonds that hold the molecules together are broken. The VOCs in the process exhaust stream are converted into various combinations of carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O) and thermal energy due to the high combustion chamber temperature.

The Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer is the most widely used reduction technology for industrial processes that produce exhaust gases with high levels of pollutants, with a destruction rate of more than 99% of hydrocarbons (DRE). The direct-fired oxidizers can be used particularly well when there is a very high concentration of VOC. It is often found in foundries for food and beverage processing, pulp and paper production, metal treatment, and so on.

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