Waste plastic to hydrogen testing programme


Hydrogen Utopia International PLC (AQSE:HUI), a company pioneering non-recyclable waste plastics to hydrogen technology, is pleased to announce that the design of its waste plastic to hydrogen system has reached an advanced stage and a programme of testing will now commence.

HUI has been working in collaboration with Electron Technologies BV ("Electron") in the Netherlands since May 2021 on the design of a unique thermal processing system for the conversion of waste plastics to hydrogen.   Electron and HUI have considered the thermochemistry of the entire process from basic principles and the equipment design has been developed accordingly.

The system pyrolyses plastic in the absence of air at a temperature of up to 500°C, which produces a synthetic gas ("syngas"). It then subjects the syngas to a higher temperature conversion step.  A test rig is currently in the final stages of assembly to test the first lower temperature pyrolysis stage of the system.

Electron, with HUI's help, is currently sourcing suitable plastic material to use in the tests, which are expected to take place next month.

Subject to the results of the tests, the system design will be adjusted if and as necessary. Testing of the high temperature unit will follow.

Keith Riley, Director of HUI, commented:

"I am pleased with the progress made to date by Electron and its engineering design subcontractor, Vicoma, on the development of this new system for creating syngas from waste feedstocks. Linde Engineering has also been involved in the design interfacing to ensure consistency between the equipment supplied by Electron and Linde Engineering. We now look forward to the testing phase and eventually manufacture of the system for installation at site."

Jos Koelewijn, CEO of Electron, commented:

 "I am delighted with the announcement of this milestone in the development of a full scale plant for the conversion of plastics to syngas and hydrogen. This project is a result of the combined efforts of HUI and Electron, which will enable waste transition on a global scale."

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