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Nitriding and carbo-nitriding at a low temperature, at a lower cost and with fewer emissions.

Plasma nitriding provides the most consistent results of all nitriding processes. The reasons for this are the possibility to clean the parts to be treated by means of 'sputtering' and the excellent control technology that ensures a process with continuous quality. When you are looking for a plasma nitriding system, there are several options. Electron offers GlowTech, NitrEos and GlowFit systems, each of which has its own unique properties.


Environmentally friendly and efficient nitriding process

Better process control and repeatability

Excellent controllable results

To be performed in a tandem

Minimum floor space required

Choice of various systems: GlowTech, NitrEos and GlowFit

Various options

Plasma nitriding, also called ion nitriding, is an environmentally friendly and efficient nitriding process that uses plasma as an energy source. Before we discuss our three furnace systems in more detail, we will mention a number of overarching properties:


the Hot-wall configuration provides better process control and repeatability. The system is equipped with independent heating and cooling zones for excellent temperature uniformity. Everything is controlled from a PLC without the further presence of an operator.

Puls plasma

the electronics for the control have been developed to meet the strictest quality requirements. The controller is equipped with a DC current limiter, an ultra-fast spark detection system and an adjustable frequency and duty cycle. This makes the process and the associated results excellently controllable.

Tandem system

if required, the system can be run in tandem, using the same control, vacuum system and gas input for two separate process chambers. This gives customers the flexibility needed for increased productivity and lower initial investment.

Minimum floor space

our system design takes up relatively little floor space. A single rotating column lifts and rotates both vanes in a tandem system or in an individual system.


Modular system to assemble the furnace as your business requires. NADCAP compliant. With a highly advanced automation, our GlowTech systems reach new heights in Ion/Plasma Nitriding processes. Due to its modularity, these systems allow the user to build up capabilities step by step on the same equipment as production volumes require it. The plant can be easily expanded after purchase to a semi-tandem, or a full tandem system, and different features like NADCAP compliance add-ons, or controlled post-oxidation can be also added. This model offers the most options of all solutions and guarantees perfectly controlled metallurgical results.


Compact furnace system for standardized processes and repeatibility of results. NitrEos is an all-new compact and light weighted single furnace design. In order to create it, IonHeat reinvented a classic model. We simplified our GlowTech system and refined it even further to introduce an off the shelve solution into the market without detriment of the exceptional ion nitriding technology that characterizes our products. Precision and simplicity best describe our NitrEos plants.


A new heart to modernize your old furnace. Those pioneer Ion nitriders from the past century can still nitride your parts like a champ. Introducing our Retrofitting kit will allow customers to upgrade existing plants with new controls, gas panels, top of the line plasma power supplies and our unique SCADA man/machine software.  GlowFit units can be used for existing cold-wall or hot-wall units.

More information?

Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about any features of our plasma nitriding systems and processes and we would be pleased to discuss and explain our many value adding technologies within this specialist area.

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