High Temperature Materials

High-temperature furnace fixtures, retorts, baskets and coating boxes

Have you found that the fixtures, retorts and coating boxes of your company’s furnace wear out quickly? Or the furnace processing performance is not reliable because the fixtures sometimes work well and sometimes don’t? Electron offers the solution. Electron’s furnace fixtures are specifically designed for use in high temperature processes or applications. In addition, we supply specialized parts for CVD & VPA diffusion coating furnaces and HFIC cleaning furnaces. Providing customized products is key to our commitment to offering the highest quality to our customers. Curious about Electron’s industrial furnace fixtures and parts? Read more.


Quality processes, always

If you want your business processes to run smoothly, nothing is more annoying than high-temperature furnace fixtures that don’t last the course. When these fixtures fail, they have to be replaced – meaning you spend money and waste time. Electron’s furnace fixtures are custom-made from the highest quality materials. And when you invest in high-quality, long-lasting parts, your processes run smoothly and consistently produce top-quality results.

Our heat treatment fixtures and parts

We sell a full range of heat treatment components, including retorts, retort covers, fans, muffles, rotary retorts, mesh baskets, mesh panels, fixtures and baskets, serpentine grids, shrouds, and trays for different types of furnaces. From pit furnaces to bell furnaces, chamber furnaces to continuous furnaces. Usability and end results are key. Electron provides the highest quality fixtures – crucial for an effective, efficient industrial furnace.


Advantages of our industrial furnace fixtures and parts

Longer lifespan (and lower total cost of ownership)

We improve the lifespan of your equipment by modulating and simulating the process conditions. Based on the results, we may modify the design and materials to improve performance. We focus on mechanical design improvement, material selection, and overall performance simulations. The structural designs and material selection will be based on the simulation results, ultimately leading to an improved lifetime performance.

Consistent process quality

When it comes to malfunctioning parts, the problem mainly concerns the shape retention of the product, which is crucial to delivering consistent process quality. Electron's solutions ensure that rather than the product starting to degrade from day one, our products maintain consistent quality throughout their lifetime.

Suitable for Electron furnaces and third party equipment

Our furnace fixtures are not only suitable for Electron furnaces, but also for those made by other brands. We’ll always strive to find a solution to make your furnace consistently work perfectly and deliver high-quality end products.

Custom furnace fixtures

We can supply standard fixtures, but usually they are custom-made. The fixtures are made based on the original drawings at Electron industrial furnaces. For furnaces of other brands, the customer provides drawings or we make the design. Our custom process means that we always deliver the best quality.

Wide range of alloys for furnace fixtures & parts

We offer a wide range of alloys: Kanthal APM, Alloy 230, Alloy 310/310S, Alloy 253MA, Alloy 330, Inconel 600/601, and Nickel 200/201.

Heat resistant up to 1200 ºC

Our high-temperature furnace fixtures have a maximum operating temperature of 1200 °C.


Because we design our furnace fixtures for a long life, we use high-quality materials. Without compromising on performance, this leads to reduced power consumption, lower energy costs and longer service life of regular replacement parts.

Customized & standard heat-resistant fixtures, parts and alloys for industrial furnaces.

Electron - Experts in Thermal Process Installations & Material Handling


Heat-resistant furnace fixtures

Customer-centric solutions

Electron offers customized and standard heat-resistant fixtures, parts, and alloys for industrial furnaces. We understand the customer's needs, have deep knowledge of the materials and their capabilities, and maintain a well-adapted supply chain to ensure the availability of materials. Our in-house engineering team enables us to stay innovative when reverse engineering and in the creation of new designs.

Cutting-edge technology

We use cutting-edge technology combined with outstanding engineering and metallurgical skills to design and produce quality furnace fixtures. This ethos leads to efficient, long-lasting equipment that maximizes furnace output.

Of course, we’re always happy to discuss and explain our many value-adding technologies should you have any questions.

Broad range of products and alloys

In order to support industrial companies worldwide with client-specific thermal process installations, integral systems, and turnkey heat treatment processes, we offer a broad range of products and high-temperature alloys for industrial furnaces.

Types of furnaces

Our high-temperature furnace armatures are suitable for the following types of furnaces:

  • Pit furnaces
  • Bell furnaces
  • Chamber furnaces
  • Continuous furnaces

Types of products

The industrial custom furnace fixtures and parts we offer are:

  • Retorts
  • Retort covers
  • Fans
  • Gas guiding cylinders
  • Muffles
  • Rotary retorts
  • Mesh baskets
  • Mesh panels
  • Fixtures and baskets
  • Serpentine grids
  • Shrouds
  • Trays

Types of alloys

The following high-temperature alloys for furnace applications are available:

  • Kanthal
  • Alloy 230
  • Alloy 310/310
  • Alloy 253MA
  • Alloy 330
  • Inconel 600/601
  • Nickel 200/201

Electron: more than high-temperature furnace fixtures and parts

We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing custom electric heating elements and systems, furnace accessories, and insulation materials. We provide customized parts -as well as standard armatures, if you prefer- and focus on usability and innovation.

We also offer a wide range of heat-resistant alloys. Want to know more? Our experts will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your needs.







Standard and custom-made products for industrial furnaces and high temperature processes.

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