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Kanthal Super heating elements MoSi2


MoSi2 heating elements for temperatures up to 1900°C in air.

High-power electric molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heating elements for element temperatures up to 1850°C (3360°F). Kanthal® Super MoSi2 heating elements are available as straight or bent elements in a wide range of shapes and sizes, all characterized by long life and consistent performance. Kanthal Super elements are made of Molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) and are therefore extremely suitable for use in an oxidizing environment.


Available in U-shape, spiral or meander

Wide range with seven standard types

Maximum element temperature of 1900°C

Seven standard types

Kanthal Super, has long been the preferred choice for quality aware furnace builders and operators. Flexible design, a wide variety of grades, low energy consumption, long life and superior technical service offer maximum productivity and quick return on investment

We can provide MoSi2 elements according to customer needs, enabling an optimized element design for each application. We provide a wide range of element types up to a maximum element temperature of 1900°C. There types are: 1700, 1800, 1900, HT, ER, RA and NC.

1700, 1800 & 1900

Kanthal Super is a unique material that combines the best properties of metals and ceramics. Like metal materials, it has good heat and electrical conductivity, and like ceramics, it resists corrosion and oxidation and has low thermal expansion. Maximum temperature 1700°C (3090°F).

Kanthal Super 1800 is an extension with the same core features as Kanthal ® Super 1700 with a maximum temperature of 1800°C (3270°F).

Kanthal Super 1900 is an extension with the same core features as Kanthal ® Super 1700 with a maximum temperature of 1850°C (3360°F)

Kanthal® HT

The maximum operating temperature is 1830ºC (3330ºF), and the element is suitable for furnace temperatures between 1500-1750ºC (2730-3180ºF) approximately. The special feature of Kanthal Super HT is that the growth of the oxide layer - the glaze - is much reduced, compared to Kanthal Super 1800 and 1900. A thin oxide layer results in a much-improved service life, because the tensions are reduced between the base material and the surrounding oxide, depending on the different thermal expansion coefficients. This is of great importance, especially for elements of smaller dimensions used in cyclic conditions, where Kanthal® Super 1800 and 1900 elements may be damaged by "banding". The banding effect means that an element shatters into small pieces during thermal cycling. This is because of massive stresses between the oxide and the base material, once the oxide and the base material, once the oxide has grown to a sufficient thickness, and the strength of the oxide film exceeds that of the base material. The new properties also include a better hot strength and form stability. Kanthal® Super HT offers rapid thermal cycling, which improves furnace productivity.

Kanthal® ER

Kanthal Super ER is an electric heating element, with the unique ability to operate up to 1580ºC (2875ºF) directly in a wide range of furnace atmospheres - from a very dry reducing to oxidizing. It is now possible, in just one furnace, to operate firing cycles where the atmosphere condition can be altered, during the cycle, between oxidizing, inert, carburizing, nitriding, reducing, and vacuum. Depending on the dew point, the element can work up to 300ºC (540ºF) higher in reducing atmospheres, compared to standard Kanthal® Super elements. Another benefit over molybdenum or graphite elements, for example, is that the elements can be replaced whilst the furnace is still very hot, minimizing downtime. As the elements work directly in the furnace atmosphere, there is no need for a muffle to protect them from the atmosphere. Furnace design can be made simpler with a lower build cost and with much reduced maintenance costs. Kanthal Super ER is equally suitable for low temperature oxidizing processes. The major reason for the new and outstanding features of Kanthal Super ER is that it has a protective surface layer of pure alumina. The alumina layer grows on the surface of the heating element at high temperatures even in dry hydrogen. The elements can work in direct contact with high alumina supports without corrosive reactions.

Kanthal® RA

At temperatures above 1250ºC (2280ºF), the protective glaze is consumed and the silicon in the silicide of the elements may react with nitrogen forming silicon nitride, which can cause scaling. The speed of the process depends on the dew point and the time in the atmosphere. The solution to these problems has been to run the element in air at high temperature for a couple of hours to restore the glaze. Kanthal Super RA heating elements withstands nitration at high temperatures better than any other type of Kanthal Super MoSi2 heating element. The nitration process still occurs, but to a 50% lower rate than for Kanthal Super 1800. The temperature, at which the weight reduction starts, is about 75ºC (135ºF) higher.

The element also has a substantially longer lifetime in all reduced and oxygen-deficient atmospheres and is characterized by a high tolerance in other aggressive environments.

Kanthal® NC

Scaling of the element surface, which occurs in all heating elements, which occurs in all heating elements, is reduced to a minimum. The metal content is also reduced which means less diffusion into the furnace atmosphere from the element. The content of Fe, Ni and Cu (and other elements on request) can be verified and confirmed in a certificate of analysis. The electrical properties are the same as for Kanthal Super 1800. Kanthal Super NC is used in all types of clean processes in the research- and electronics industries. Kanthal Super NC is also used in diffusion furnaces for the semiconductor industry, where high purity is a demand

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