High Temperature Materials

Kanthal Resistance Wire Strip


Kanthal® resistance material: the gold standard for electric heating elements.

The materials we use for the manufacturing of our resistance materials are of very high quality. In addition, these are not only available on short notice, but also in a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure that the quality and continuity of your processes is guaranteed.


Very high and consistent quality.

Alloys available in different shapes and sizes.

Strips available in various thicknesses (0.1 to 3.5 mm) and widths (4 to 195 mm).

The most common wire types and diameters are always in stock.



Our wide range of resistance heating alloys in strip form makes it possible to select the most appropriate grade and size for each respective application, resulting in optimum end-product performance. The consistent resistivity from delivery to delivery facilitates trouble-free production

Thickness: 0.10-4 mm (0.00394-0.157 inch)

Width: 4-200 mm (0.157-7.874 inch)
Other sizes can be delivered on request.

Standard resistance tolerance for strip is ± 5%, but strip with closer resistance tolerance can be delivered on request.



Wire is also available in a wide range of alloys optimized for electrical resistance and high temperature applications.

The wire can be supplied on spools, in rolls, in bucket packaging or as straightened lengths and are available with or without coating. Wire is available in different sizes.

Round wire

  • 0.010-12 mm (0.00039-0.472 inch)
    Other sizes are available on request.

Ribbon (flat wire)


  • Thickness: 0.023-0.8 mm (0.0009-0.031 inch)
  • Width: 0.038-4 mm (0.0015-0.157 inch)
  • Width/thickness ratio max 40, depending on alloy and tolerance
    Other sizes are available on request.


Stranded wire

  • Some resistance heating alloys, and pure nickel are available as stranded wire.

    Standard resistance tolerance for wire is listed in the following table. Wire can be supplied to closer tolerance on request.

    The data is valid at 20°C (68°F).

      Wire size Ø mm (inch)

      Resistance tolerance %

      <0.127 (0.005)  

      +/- 8
      >0.127 (0.005)    +/- 5

      Our method

      At Electron, we are pleased to discuss and explain our many value adding technologies and to think along with our customers. We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing custom electric heating elements and systems, furnace accessories and insulation materials. Our employees will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your application.

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      In addition to wire & strip, we offer a variety of other products. Would you like to know more about our resistance material or one of our other products or do you have another question? Please contact us.

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