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Chemical Stripping Systems


Equipment and technology for the removal of diffusion & plasma applied protective coatings.

The predominant industrial method for the removal of protective coatings is that of part immersion within specific acid bath solutions and with the use of concentrated acids such as Hydrochloric, Nitric, Phosphoric and with further possibility to utilise a range of material inhibitors as well and which can all readily be supplied by Electron. Electron can additionally offer proprietary ‘Green-Strip’ acid stripping methods utilizing Graphite technology and employing considerably reduced acid concentrations for all stripping process’s & subsequent waste acid treatments. Alternatively, Electron can also offer proprietary stripping methods utilizing Alkaline solutions and is also demonstrating to be a more operator & environmentally friendly processing technology for selected applications.


Extensive specialist knowledge and experience

Integrated turn-key technologies and processes

Conventional chemical stripping systems and process technologies

Patented and environmentally friendly Green-Strip method

Proprietary stripping methods that operate with Alkaline solution

Accidental fire risk events decreased by the inclusion of fire suppression & fire mitigation strategies including Fire-Stop Ventilation Block Technology and Exo-Heat Systems for all thermal heating of treatment tanks

Specialist knowledge and experience

Electron possesses substantial processing knowledge and experienced know how within this specialist area and can supply integrated turn-key technology’s and processes specifically focused upon the gas turbine MRO sector. Electron has full capability to provide conventional acid stripping systems & process technologies for the majority of industrially established methods and will also include for all of the supplementary processing tasks as required such as acid barrier masking and Heat Tint ovens for successful coating removal evaluations.

Green-strip technology

Electron can provide the proprietary and environmentally friendly ‘Green-Strip’ technology which exploits greatly reduced acid concentrations and with consequently reduced plant facility requirements for waste acid treatment and disposal. ‘Green-Strip’ technology may also be utilized without any barrier masking on delicate machined surfaces and exposed blade root areas and can prove to be a significant cost and time saving advantage in terms of production operations.

Alkaline stripping

Another departure from conventional industrial acid stripping processes is with the use of Alkaline stripping and is proving to be especially effective for the removal of Plasma/HVOF deposited MCrAlY type coatings. This is also an environmentally friendly and safer alternative as there are no hazardous acids to be processed by operators during tank make up and with greatly reduced follow-on requirements for waste treatment to be made ready for disposal. An additional advantage is that there is also a reduced requirement for ventilation systems to continuously remove noxious acid fumes and in producing a safer working environment for operators.

Custom made

Electron offers its customers complete capabilities with full system customization from its manufacturing base in The Netherlands and with chemical acid stripping systems available as traditional manually operated lift & drop type arrangements and advancing up to fully automated systems requiring minimal operator involvement. Fully automated systems will routinely offer consistent processing operations with increased operator safety levels within high volume production environments. Advanced units also provide complete recording and historical trending capabilities for all processing parameters and with fully traceable records for all QA/QC auditing requirements.

Fire-Stop and Exo-Heat

Regardless of whichever chemical acid stripping system is requested by a customer, all Electron chemical stripping systems are supplied with distinctive ‘Fire-Stop’ ventilation block technology and additionally with ‘Exo-Heat’ systems for the heating of all acid tank baths whereby only external (to tank) thermal heating designs are used for accurate temperature processing ranges and as an additional layer of fire safety protection.

As historically recognized within this specialist industry segment, chemical stripping systems have unfortunately established a propensity for accidental fire events and with a considerable proportion of fire incidents effectively caused by deficient tank heating equipment designs and further intensified by powerful extraction & ventilation systems.
Electrons established experience & knowledge base of chemical stripping systems specifically for gas turbine components, permits us to possess a unique understanding of the operational requirements in offering safe, and reliable long term working environments for all operational personnel. This is reinforced by Electrons innovative designs such as ‘Fire-Stop’ and ‘Exo-Heat’ technologies and in serving to greatly reduce fire risk scenario events and of primary importance, in mitigating the risk of immediate personnel injury and diminishing any subsequent damage to plant facilities.

Electrons ‘Turbine First Technologies’ attitude

At Electron we like to think differently and always with the customers viewpoint as a primary directive. As a provider of integrated  ‘Turbine First Technologies’ and with a specific focus upon the gas turbine sectors, this permits us to have a unique and highly valuable perspective on the requirements for the design and manufacture of custom built systems and with additional process technologies offered as may be also requested by a customer. This level of equipment customization and process support is exceptional within this sector and contributes to the overall ‘value add’ proposition as uniquely available from Electron.

More information?

Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about any features of our chemical stripping equipment along with our proprietary acid/alkaline stripping processes and we would be pleased to discuss and explain our many value adding technologies within this specialist area. Please also consider that Electron is a provider of ‘Turbine First Technologies’ and which assures that all of our systems are custom built for this unique industry sector and are not multi purposed systems as may be offered by alternative vendors.

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With advanced technologies, creative perspectives and continuous innovation, we engineer customer-specific thermal process installations and systems. This enables our customers to optimize their products and processes and contribute to a sustainable future.

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